who is Jesus Christ

Praise the Lord. Greetings to My dear friends in the matchless and gracious name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I would like to deal with the Christian who is Jesus Christ. Among all the questions that might be asked to modern men and women, none is more essential than this. It is no exaggeration to say that this is the central question of history, and the most important issue anyone will ever face? Who is Jesus Christ, when they come from? Why do they come to this way? why Jesus had to die on the cross of Calvary? And why he rose again from the dead? And what the difference does, he’s coming making my life.

Who is Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ

on the earth, every person in the world must deal with Jesus Christ, no one can escape him. Somebody may avoid this question delayed or postpone it or stonewalling or pretend that they are not hearing it. But sooner or later, everyone must answer this question. throughout the centuries, that discussion has continued to this very day. If you visit any internet chat room, or religious chatroom, or blogs of somebody people, you will find so many opinions regarding Jesus. 

Here are some contemporary answers to this question, Who is Jesus Christ? Some people say that he’s a good man. And some people say that he is just a prophet. And some people say that he is a Galilean rabbi, and some say he’s a teacher of God’s law, the embodiment of God’s love, and the reincarnated spirit master and the ultimate revolutionary at closing to Wiseman, a man just like any other person, a misunderstood teacher, and a fabrication of the early church, my dear friend, rich answer, will you give your recognition and belief about Jesus Christ will certainly challenge your destiny, and it will certainly impact your existence in eternity.

Historicity of Jesus

 At this time, I would like to explain the historicity of Jesus. If we go through the Bible, from the Gospel of Matthew-16. There is an incredible event regarding the Bible. Jesus Christ went to a place called philippine. And he asked this question to His disciples, who do men say that I, son of man, I am, and disciple started giving answers, some said that you are the john the Baptist, and some say that you are Elijah. And some say that you’re Jeremiah, and some people thinking that you are one among the prophets. 

But Jesus asked, What are you thinking about me? And what is your opinion on me? At that time, Peter, confess that Jesus is the Christ and the living God, praise the Lord hallelujah. And that was the revelation from the father of heaven. 

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My dear friends, some people argued that Jesus either did not exist, or it was so unlike the person described in the New Testament. It’s very ridiculous. And some people say that we cannot know anything about Jesus. But as a matter of fact, all the prominent the historians, like Flavi Joseph and pliny the younger agree that Jesus exists on this earth. biblical scholar FF Bruce stated the historicity of Jesus is as axiomatic for an unbiased historian as the historicity of Julius Caesar. 

History of Jesus Christ in the Bible

When we come to the history of the Bible, the gospel writer and physician Luke, claim that his gospel was based on information handed down from eyewitnesses to his careful investigation. Luke 1:4. Likewise, the gospel of John claims to be written by the way disciple whom Jesus loud so many biblical authors understood the difference between history and make between fact and legend. They insisted that what that thought was the literal and historical fact the world’s famous historian Kenneth Scott said, as the centuries past, the evidence is accumulating the measured by his African history. Jesus is the most influential life ever lived on this planet. 

Let this look at the impact of Jesus on this word. Jesus of Nazareth, without money and arms, conquered more millions than Alexander the Great and Julius Caesar and Napoleon Bonaparte. Without Science and Learning, he shed more light on the things human and divine than all the philosophers and scholars combined. Without the eloquence of school, he spoke such words of life, as were never spoken by any person in this world that produces effects which live beyond the reach of a writer or a poet. without writing a single line. He said, more pens in motion, and furnishing teams for more sermons, operations, discussions, and learned volumes, works of art and songs of praise.

 when we go to human history. Greek philosopher Socrates, talk for 40 years, played over 50 years, Aristotle for 40 years, Golden Buddha for 25 years. But when we go to the life of Jesus,

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Jesus lived for 33 years . he spoke only three and half years at the influence of Christ’s ministry, in financially transcends the impact of these men who were among the greatest philosophers in human history. Gautama Buddha never claimed to be God. Moses never claimed to be God. Prophet Muhammad never claimed to be God. And Jesus claimed to be true and living God. Buddha simply said I’m a teacher in search of the truth. Jesus said the truth. Confucius said, I never claimed to be holy. Jesus said, who will come me of sin, there is a prophet in the seventh century. He said, unless God throws his cloak, have mercy on me, I have no hope. Jesus said Son of Man has an authority to forgive sins. That’s the impact of Jesus in the history of mankind.

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My dear friends at this time, I would like to know about the uniqueness of Jesus. Jesus Christ is unique among all the people who lived on this planet. The life of Jesus is bracketed by two impossibilities, the birth of Jesus, and an empty tomb. Jesus entered into our world to adore mark, no entrance and left through a door mark, no exit. Yes, Jesus Christ is unique and is free of all human conception, the birth of Jesus stains, as unique and miraculous, by the miraculous work of the Holy Spirit, who is Jesus mother, that’s Virgin Mary, conceived and gave birth to Jesus, He is the Savior of this world. s a result of this unique birth, Christ was able to bypass the curse of sin. And so he was uniquely qualified as the simplest one, to both go to the cross to die as the Lamb of God and to reign on the throne forever and ever.

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According to Matthew 1:21. He is the Savior of this world, not totally, Jesus is unique in his birth, he’s also unique in his death, no other person died and the history as Jesus died on the cross of Calvary, it was the Roman cross, He died and shared his innocent blood for the remission of the sins of mankind, he voluntarily dismissed his spirit and expressed his utmost love for humanity. He paid the penalty to delivered people from the bondage of sin. according to Romans 5 and we’re saved, Jesus demonstrated his love on the cross of Calvary. 

who is jesus verses

Finally, Jesus Christ is unique in his resurrection. The crowning miracle, originally mission was the resurrection of Jesus, the basic hope of Christianity is an empty tomb. Hallelujah. Jesus has risen, and he is the living Savior, a conquered the death and grave. It is proved by His resurrection, that he is gone, and he can deliver people from the clutches of death. Jesus sent a message to the world. There is life after death, according to one Corinthians 15:14, my dear friends, here is an incredible message for you. Jesus loves you. Jesus loves you more than Can anyone ever love you. The Word of God says, All have sinned and come short of the glory of God. Romans 3:23, Everyone is a sinner by nature and by choice, sin rules, and diocese, and the sin is dragging everyone into the eternal destruction. But Christ came this way to save sinners. 1 Timothy 1:15 Though we deserve punishment and death, Christ as to taking our place on the cross of Calvary, he died for us to provide redemption. This is your time to receive Jesus Christ as your personal Savior. 

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The Bible says in John 3:16, For God so loved the world, and he sent his one only son, whoever believes in Him, they will have everlasting life, and they will not have perished. His love for you is so lavish and unconditional. He is your Savior, healer and delivery. He’s the way the truth and the life he cares for you and able to perform any kind of miracles and wonders in your life. Come to Jesus right now. No matter your religion, no matter your community, no matter your color or creed, you can receive Jesus as your personal Savior. He gives you peace and true satisfaction this year and eternal life after you die. God bless you.

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