One would definitely laugh at you if you say there is life after death. What seemed impossible to the people in the beginning was made possible after a while with continuous efforts. We commonly see people failing in the beginning but man with his continuous efforts achieved many things and received laurels. What was impossible once, like touching the skies, entering into the moon, reaching the depths of the sea is made possible now.

People feel that any thing is possible with strong determination and will-power. How many of you know that nature is the main resource for all that man has achieved till now? Fans, air coolers, air conditioners make use of the air present in nature in giving us cool air.

He used the light and heat present in the atmosphere and made lights and heaters to be used at his convenient timings. From then till now, man has been using this nature in making his life more and more comfortable.

According to Vedas and Science, nature existed much before man. Man was born later to enjoy the comforts offered by nature. The way a pregnant mother makes everything ready before the arrival of new born into this world, God set everything ready before our arrival into this world.

The way a mother is to the baby, so is the nature to the man. The way a woman is behind the success of every successful man, so the nature is behind the success of everything achieved by man. Man is just utilizing all that is available in nature and moving ahead in his life.

By looking at the birds in the sky he made aero planes, rockets, etc and by looking at the fish in the sea he made ships, submarines etc. In this way man looked at nature in making many innovative things.

Even in this computer age, man is able to fulfill his temporary needs but could not find a permanent solution for his life. He is only successful in making things which could give him comfort only for his short life on earth but he is not able to increase his life span on earth.

You may be thinking whether man can ever achieve it? And the answer is ‘yes’. Man observed several things in nature and learnt many things but he did not properly understand the subject ‘Botany’.

The thing one should learn from the seed is that though it is very small, once it is thrown in the soil, it dies, decays, loses its present form, and attains a new form which is hidden inside it. It takes the new form by growing into a tree. Can anybody say that this is false? It has one life but two different forms and the two different forms have two different lives.

Coming to Zoology, if you see a caterpillar, it transforms into a beautiful butterfly after some days. Even here, we see one life with two different forms. The first form crawls on earth possessing an ugly body and the second one is a colorful butterfly which flies freely in air. So, the seed changes into a tree and the caterpillar into a butterfly; both with the same life but different bodies and characteristics.

What about your life then? What is the fate of your life after death? What would happen to your life when your body gets decayed in the earth? You say it is my car, my pen, my hand, my leg, and finally my body. You are confessing yourself that your body is different from you the way a car is different from you.

 When you go to a doctor you say something is wrong with your body. So, have you ever thought about who you are? Do you know what do they say even when the dead body of a person is still in the house? They say he left us and he is no more. What do we understand by this? You are not your body. The life which is in your body leaves your body after some years making it a dead body.

If the same life is in your body you are alive and if it leaves your body you are dead. Once this life leaves the body, they bury the body inside the earth. So, what happens to the life inside it? Does it not transform into another new body the way a seed gets transformed into a tree? It is indeed sad if you still do not understand this fact. If you still believe that your end is with your death then it is indeed very sad for the greatest of all creatures to end their lives so abruptly in earth. So, believe that man definitely has another life after death and if you still doubt it, come to me! 

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